We Design Custom Computers to Unleash Your Potential Genius

Every Linux computer JinuxPC builds is unique. This uniqueness comes from Linux and with Linux you have flexibility, reliability, quality performance, but most of all you have the freedom of choice, to personalize and to customize your system in the way you want it look and feel. Your most powerful benefit with using Linux is freedom of choise. Linux will help you do more, go further productively, and unleash your potential genius.

It has long been believed that open source Linux cannot be powerful, but only in older outdated computer systems. It’s time to put that outdated way of thinking to rest. Todays combination of JinuxPC computers and free high-quality Linux operating systems and free software provide incredibly low-cost solutions for home / office use and high-performance business and science applications.

Being a custom system builder, means that we’re not locked into any single design configuration. Our goal is to offer each customer with the best possible computer system for their needs and budget. Our simple philosophy is build the highest quality product, accompanied with outstanding support based on integrity.

We Stand by You with Lifetime Labor and Tech Support

Texas, 100% US Based Support

We don’t stop working for you when you buy one of our computer systems. Our job is to stand by you for the life of your system and future purchases. When you buy your system, you will receive dedicated service, including labor, from our trained and experienced staff when you need it.