Element 7100



Intel Kaby Lake i3, i5, i7Multiple hard drives

Element 7400 Pro



Intel Kaby Lake i5, i7Support dedicated graphics card


High Performance, Slim Package, No Compromise

It’s believed that having a slim tiny desktop can compromise performance. It’s time to put that old way of thinking to rest with Our Element line of PCs. It’s said that dynamite comes in small packages. It does when it comes to the Element’s stability, performance and reliability. Each Element is carefully designed with the most powerful desktop components on the market today in a slim, friendly chassis where a no-compromise solution for limited space.

Element features Intel’s 7th generation Core processors for the most demanding applications. The slim design supports all the same configuration options one would need in a standard desktop, including up to 32GB of DDR4 memory and multiple solid-state drives for near instant access to your files and media. Easily upgradeable to a dedicated NVIDIA graphics card so you can immerse yourself and enjoy stunning videos in high-definition and in 4K.