Warranty and Returns

30-Day Limited Return Guarantee on JinuxPC Computer System Products

JinuxPC Product Warranty

JinuxPC takes honor in the highest quality and most reliable built computer products possible that we sell.  We take pleasure, as a direct result to offer a 30-day return guarantee on JinuxPC Computer System products.  JinuxPC Computer products includes Lifetime Labor and Tech Support with a 1-year parts warranty, an additional option for a 2-Year, 3-year or 4-Year parts warranty can be purchased, except for listed products below that are not cover by our Product Warranty.  The following sections details the terms of the JinuxPC computer built systems Product Warranty and Return Policy for the United States, for our 30-day Return Guarantee.

JinuxPC Computer System Product Warranty

JinuxPC Systems warrants the original purchaser of any JinuxPC computer system product is guaranteed against defects in materials and workmanship during the applicable products warranty period set-forth in your invoice at the time of purchase. Warranty term period starts from the day of the product is shipped.

Lifetime Labor, Lifetime Phone and Lifetime Support

All JinuxPC systems come with Lifetime Labor, Lifetime phone, as well as Lifetime Support service. These services apply to the life of the original purchase.

JinuxPC systems also come with the option for a one (1) year, two (2) year or three (3) year Limited parts and free shipping warranty, except for selected workstation models that come with a two (2) year or four (4) year warranty. All batteries on mobile systems are warranted for one (1) year. Please review your invoice to determine the warranty you purchased.

Limited Parts Warranty

If a defective or failed product component is reported during the applicable products limited warranty term period. JinuxPC Systems will repair or replace the defective component part with a comparable new or substitute a reconditioned component part of equivalent or better performance at our option. Replacement components and upgrades are covered for the remainder of applicable product limited parts warranty purchased on your invoice. If JinuxPC Systems determine that a problem is not covered by the product limited warranty, we will inform you of solutions that are available to you for a service-fee basis.

JinuxPC Limited Product Warranty does not cover;

Non-JinuxPC computer system repair and accessories (e.g. special ordered products, monitors, keyboards, mice, audio equipment, speakers, printers, other external equipment and Operating System or third party software.) Warranty is provided by the manufacturer.

Shipping Warranty

If the computer system is returned within 30-days of the limited parts warranty relevant term period. JinuxPC Systems will cover shipping cost both ways. After 30-days you are responsible for shipping cost to JinuxPC Systems. The returned computer system must have all hardware, undamaged and in original packaging. Shipping warranty only cover JinuxPC computer systems shipped within USA.

Computer Repairs

Desktop and server computers are generally repaired within 10 business days after we receive delivery. If replacement parts are not in stock, the total time of repair completion may be extended. Laptops and notebooks that involve system board, chassis, or LCD screen repair will require a minimum 10 business days’ dependent on replacement part availability. Computer repair is guaranteed for the remainder of the applicable Limited Product Warranty period. Non JinuxPC computer system repair is not covered under our Limited Product Warranty. Computer repair is guaranteed for 90 days. This 90-day warranty does not cover new symptoms or new issues.

Refunds, Returns, and Order Changes

30-day Limited Money Back Guarantee

If you are unsatisfied with your JinuxPC computer system product for any reason you have the option to return it within the 30-days of shipment for a full refund minus shipping cost. To return product merchandise, you must obtain a Return Materials Authorization number. You must ship the product merchandise within 10 business days of receiving the RMA number. Any returned merchandise must be in new condition and in the original packaging with all provided media and documentation that were included in the purchase. The return product merchandise must be insured against loss or damage. Any returned merchandise damage will be subject to a service repair fee. All refunds and cancellations are subject to a 15% restocking fee. All changes made to an order will be charged a $50 service fee. All following products are not eligible for return or refund; opened or activated software, Special order items or parts, services and accessories’ (e.g. monitors, keyboards, mice, audio equipment, speaker and other external equipment…), orders over $2,500. Shipping and insurance cost is not refundable under any circumstances’.

Parts Store Purchases

Parts Store component purchases carry a 30-day policy for return and merchandise must be unopened for a full refund. All refunds are subject to a 15% restocking fee and shipping fee. If a defective or failed parts store component is reported during the applicable 30-day term. JinuxPC will ship the replacement component at no charge to you after the return of the defective or failed component is received.

Dead Pixel Policy

JinuxPC is leading a higher industry standard for dead pixel policy than the manufactures industry standards. According to manufactures dead pixel policy for a guaranteed trouble-free personal computing display screen is 6 or more dead pixels before screen replacement. JinuxPC follows our own Dead Pixel Policy for the industry. We lead with our standard acceptance level of 3 or more defective bright or dark spots on our laptops or notebook screens. If your JinuxPC laptop or notebook develops 3 or more dead pixels during the warranty term period. We will replace it under warranty at no cost to you. Dead pixel warranty for desktop LCD monitors purchased through JinuxPC is provided by the manufacturer.

Limitation of Liability

JinuxPC is not responsible for damages or cost as a result of accidents, disaster, misuse or abuse of the computer system. Any modifications, overclocking, BIOS or firmware updates and repairs performed by unauthorized individuals will void JinuxPC Product Limited Warranty.