Whisper 3000

whisper 3000


Intel Apollo Lake Platform32GB of on-board storage1 x 2.5" SATA

Whisper 7100



Intel Kaby Lake i3, i5, i71 x M.2 + 1 x 2.5" SATA


Mini Size

Our mission with the Whisper line is to build a powerful mini-pc will full desktop performance, in a small form factor size. Rather space is limited or not, Whisper's tiny elegance complements your desktop without comsuming it and allows you to use a smaller mini-pc without compromise on performance.

Whisper is so simple to set-up and use dual high definition displays that you'll be on the Internet or watching you favorite move in minutes on one display while working hard on the second display. You can surf the web, check email, play music, edit photos and movies with ease. Whisper is your multitaking Mini-PC dream come true.

Tiny box loads of possibilites

Steam on your TV with Whisper's elegant look is the perfect Steam in-home streaming client.

Media center with Whisper's fast WIFI and gigabit Ethernet is the right platform to build your personal media center.

Media server with Whisper's power, performace and storage are the perfect efficiency combination for a cloud, home or SMB server.

Optimize from Whisper size to Whisper Plus max storage

The Whisper option comes standard with a M.2 SSD drive up 2 TB storage for your OS plus applications, while the Whisper PLus option adds an additional 2.5" drive bay, (SSD or HDD), storage up to 4 TB more.

High Definition 4K Display Support

 Watch the latest movie with the latest video technology by customizing your Whisper with a Blu-Ray disc drive, driving even 4K display in full HD quality.